GAMBIA: An Open Letter To The Attorney General And Ministry Of Justice


An Open Letter To The Attorney General And Ministry Of Justice

I know resources are limited and you have a lot on your plate, from the investigations of the economic crimes and the human right abuses of the previous regime under Yahya Jammeh. Adding salt to injury, the ministry has been operating under a 22-year dictatorship, where the ineptness and lack of qualified prosecutors are evident all over the place.

It is important however, if we have to strengthen our democratic process and make the rule of law suffices, then we must nurture the fact that nobody is above the law even the President of The Gambia. I am therefore, urging you and the Ministry to open a case file to investigate the financial activities of The President since he came to power. The Ministry must investigate the source of funding of his Mankamang Kunda home and so on. The Ministry must also investigate the source of funding of almost 80 pick-ups, he has distributed among people whom he wants to further his interest and entrench him in power. I am also particularly concerned about the millions and millions he has reserved for the Barrow Youth Movement to build projects around the country.

When this man came to the Presidency in December 2016, he was basically a poor man and now after two years, he is a multi-millionaire. Let him produce authentic bank statements before December 1, 2016 and the properties he owned in the Greater Banjul Area.

If the ministry doesn’t investigate him now, any future administration that comes in next will be forced to do so by the people. Because we cannot develop as a country if our Presidents are busy enriching themselves at the expense of the masses and the country. A precedent must be set, and it should start at the top, and in that case a deterrence is made forever. It will also send a clear message to Ministers and their junior staff that corruption is not acceptable, and posterity will be kind to you, your ministry and the justice system. The national agenda should be pursued not picky projects to bribe voters for support, and I hope you read this letter with an open mind and history is recording every action this government is taking.

When Barrow came to power, he had the goodwill of overwhelming majority of the citizens and the international community. But he blew it up by pursuing his personal agenda by trying to entrench himself in power as he allowed himself to be surrounded by sycophants and people who wanted to see his blood before December 1. Either way, the country loses, but that wouldn’t stop many of us pursuing a better Gambia and Africa, whether it happens in two, ten or twenty years, but it will be done. And thanks for reading.

Written By Makam Sowe

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