President Adama Barrow has changed his mind after his planned move to appoint one of his advisers Mai Ahmed Fatty, as his Defense Minister, FREEDOM NEWSPAPER CAN REVEAL.  Mr. Barrow, who was in talks with his close aides, had earlier decided to appoint Fatty as his Defense Minister. Opinions were divided over Barrow’s decision to hire Fatty into his cabinet. He abandoned the plan amid a strong opposition among his aides, sources familiar with the story have intimated.

The portfolio of Defense Minister is under the purview of the President. For some obvious reasons, Barrow this past week, suddenly came up with the idea of naming Mai Fatty, as his Defense Minister. But his preposition for Fatty to serve as Defense Minister, wasn’t popular among his aides, sources said.

Fatty had served in Barrow’s cabinet as Interior Minister for about a year before he was fired. He was the first casualty in Barrow’s government. He was recently appointed as a senior adviser to President Barrow.

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