As the former junta council member and Local government Minister Yankuba Touray is said to have been scheduled to appear before the TRRC on tomorrow Thursday, we have just received pictures of his Kololi home, where the former Finance Minister Ousman Koro Ceesay was allegedly murdered in cold blood. The late Koro Ceesay was allegedly lured into this residential home belonging to Yankuba Touray and murdered.

Per revelations coming from the TRRC, former junta Vice Chairman Edward Singhateh, his brother Peter Singhateh, Yankuba Touray, Alhagie Kanyi, and others were allegedly responsible for his murder.

After Koro was killed, he was placed into his official car, and driven to the outskirt of Jambour, where he was set ablaze while onboard his official car. The incident was being earlier treated as an “accident” but it later turned out that the Finance Minister was murdered.

In another development, this paper has been informed that the former Commander of the Gambia Armed Forces Baboucarr Jatta has been scheduled to appear before the TRRC on Thursday as well.

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