A former sacked Gambian protocol and welfare officer at The Gambian Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has accused President Adama Barrow of alleged corruption and abuse of office. Ebrima Dibba, made the allegation during an interview with Freedom Radio Gambia’s Thursday Civic Education show. Mr. Dibba was fired some weeks ago, amid a statement he made that was perceived to be critical of President Barrow. He accused Barrow of departing from the core values and set agenda that ushered his Coalition government into power. Dibba also pledged his allegiance to Gambia’s sacked Vice President Ousainou Darboe saying that only death can separate him with Darboe, during his bashing of Mr. Barrow prior to his firing.

According to Mr. Dibba, President Barrow, has been allegedly using the Presidency to enrich himself and to consolidate himself in power. He alleged that Barrow is being bankrolled by phony businessmen at the expense of political expediency.

“As the former protocol and welfare officer at The Gambian consulate in Jeddah, I have noticed that the President Adama Barrow, has issued a Gambian diplomatic passport to Kalilu Waggeh, a Senegalese businessman. Each time that Waggeh travels to Jeddah, I processed his passport and travel details. Waggeh is one of Mr. Barrow’s financiers. I recalled the President telling me, that he can make me a millionaire if I want to. Barrow told me, during a conversation I had with him, in which he told me, that Kalilu Waggeh was one of his chief financiers. He told me, he could secure D4 million dalasis for me, from Waggeh, so that I can open a shop in The Gambia. Barrow also told me, that Mr. Waggeh had a store in Kanifing, and he is into rice, cooking oil, and other business activities. Barrow said he wanted to emulate former President Abdoulie Wade, whom he said, had made so many Senegalese to become millionaires during his rule. He said he wanted to make me a millionaire, but I declined his offer,” Dibba claimed.

Dibba told Freedom Radio Gambia that Mr. Waggeh was Barrow’s go to guy, when it comes to tapping for finances, especially in regards to business dealings in Saudi and the Arab world.

“Waggeh had traveled to Saudi on numerous occasions. The President Adama Barrow personally told me, that Waggeh, was his guy. Waggeh flies around the world with a Gambian diplomatic passport. I was told that he hardly pays full customs duty at the ports for the goods (merchandises) that he imports into the country,” Dibba further alleged.

Mr. Dibba also raised the case of Abubcarr Jawara, a Sarahule businessman, who was linked to trafficking weapons into the country, but was later cleared by The Gambian police. Dibba said Jawara was also among Barrow’s financiers.

“President Barrow is corrupt. I remember Barrow telling me, that an anonymous donor had donated D4 million dalasis to the United Democratic Party (UDP). He never disclosed the name of the donor to me. All he told me, was that Ousainou Darboe, the leader of our party, was insisting that the money should be deposited into the UDP bank account. Darboe’s statement never went down well with him. He had wanted Alkali Conteh to use the donated money to open political bureaus for the party. I later found that the D4 million dalasis was donated to the UDP by Abubacarr Jawara, the businessman, whose company, was caught with arms at the ports of Banjul. The money never reached the UDP. It ended in Barrow’s hands,” Dibba alleged.

Further exposing President Barrow, Dibba, claimed that Saibo Tunkara, a Gambian businessman and hotelier, was also among Barrow’s long list of financiers. He said Saibo had donated cars and money to Mr. Barrow, during the two years stint of his Presidency.

Saibo Tunkara owns hotels in Fajara, Kololi, Coastal road, and elsewhere around the country. Dibba revealed that Saibo had onetime gave him $500 dollars during one of his trips to The Gambia, for his gas money.

“President Barrow needs to be stopped before it would be too late. He is going to be worse than Yahya Jammeh, if he is not stopped. He doesn’t have the country’s interest at heart. Within this short period of time since ascending into the Presidency, Barrow had built a Manson at his home village; he had bought a house for his son in Seattle Washington; he owns residential homes in neighboring Senegal; his hands are all over the place. At least, Jammeh, was a visionary leader, unlike Barrow. What Jammeh had achieved in two years of his Presidency, Barrow didn’t achieve it. Barrow had started building a Manson in Mangkamang-Kunda, five months into his Presidency. He is currently building three storey buildings at his home. He owns couple of homes in The Gambia,” he alleged.

Dibba alleged that he has gathered from reliable sources that President Macky Sall’s son often visits Barrow’s son at their Seattle home. He says some concerned Gambians are planning to organize a demonstration in Seattle, so that Barrow’s home can be brought to the attention of the United States authorities.

The Barrow State House couldn’t be reached for their own side of the story on Ebrima Dibba’s wild allegations against The Gambian President.

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