The fired Gambian diplomat Ebrima Dibba, had recalled introducing a Saudi investor to The Gambian First Lady Fatoumatta Bah Barrow. The Saudi investor is operating a charitable organization in The Gambia. He was brought to The Gambia by Mr. Dibba. Dibba was the protocol and welfare officer at The Gambian Consulate in Jeddah, until his firing some weeks ago.

According to Dibba, the First Lady and Fatou Ceesay, the Chairperson of Fatoumatta Bah Barrow Foundation (FABB) had wanted the Saudi investor to help bankroll the First Lady’s Foundation. He says the Saudi investor was able to donate rice, cooking oil, Koranic books, and a borehole to the First Lady.

“I have text messages of the First Lady and Fatou Ceesay, soliciting funds from the Saudi investor through me. The First Lady is greedy. She was desperately asking for anything that she could get from the Saudi investor. I had to push back at her at some point during my interactions with her. She even wanted the Saudi investor to help provide medical treatment for one of her sick relatives. She even took us to the lady’s home, where she introduced the investor to the sick lady,” he claimed.

Dibba also alleged that Fatoumatta Bah Barrow and Fatou Ceesay wanted to extort the Saudi investor, by allegedly proposing to clear his container(s) at the ports of Banjul in anticipation for a kickback.

“I had to cut them loose when she and Fatou Ceesay proposed to clear containers belonging to the Saudi investor at the ports. They said they can clear his containers on  condition that the Saudi businessman was willing to give them 70% (percent) of the shipment. I pushed back at their proposal. The First Lady then phoned me, saying that the Saudi man hasn’t fulfilled none of the things that he promised her,” Dibba alleged.

Dibba claimed that he was told that the First Lady’s Foundation enjoys free duty waiver at the ports of Banjul. Hence, that was why they allegedly wanted to lure the Saudi investor into such a deal.

The First Lady and Fatou Ceesay could not be reached for comment at press time.

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