An official of the former ruling APRC Abdoulie Saine says his exiled party leader Yahya Jammeh will soon return to The Gambia. Mr. Saine, who was recently charged with incitement of violence, following allegations that he insulted the Mandinka ethnic group, said, it wouldn’t be long that Jammeh will return home.

“Jammeh will be back in The Gambia soon. I give you five months and twenty-one days, you will see Jammeh in The Gambia. That’s why I am dancing. I only dance for Jammeh and no one. He will be back home soon. Jammeh hasn’t done anything wrong in The Gambia. The truth be told, Jammeh’s past track record, as a visionary leader, should warrant him to walk on the bodies of Gambians when he gets here. He has done a lot for this country. Gambians should allow Jammeh to walk on them, ” Saine remarked.

“Look at the Janneh Commission…it had brought shame to them. The commission was set up for their own pockets,” Saine alleged, while lamenting about Jammeh’s cars and cattle that were sold by the commission.

Saine heaped praises for President Barrow during a conversation he had with an APRC militant. He accused the UDP leader Ousainou Darboe of misleading Barrow during the two years of his rule.

“For the past two years, what we had was a UDP government. Adama Barrow had taken  charge of the government in 2019. Barrow is now in charge and not the UDP. It is a Barrow government. Barrow is here to stay in power until 2021. Let the UDP give us break about the the three years transition. Barrow is here to stay,” he added.

“Darboe has been consistently undermining Barrow. He wanted to replace Barrow so bad. They are responsible for the current hardship in the country. Youths are being deported from Europe without nothing. The past UDP government should be blamed for the deportations. Yahya Jammeh never allowed his countrymen to be deported. It was during Darboe’s era that all these deportations happened,” he further alleged.

President Barrow recently met with the APRC touring entourage in Basse, where he exchanged greetings with Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the leader of the APRC.

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