Unconfirmed reports reaching this medium suggest that the former junta number two-man Sanna Bairo Sabally, was seen in Farafenni yesterday, while being escorted from the Senegalese side of the border to Banjul. It is not clear if an extradition warrant was secured for Sanna’s arrest, but a Gambian national, who reached us, had claimed that Sanna was seen within the jurisdiction of The Gambia on Tuesday. His claims could not be independently confirmed at the time of filing this report. Some of The Gambian law enforcement agents we contacted via phone were indisposed for comment. 

“Hello Mr. M’Bai, I just received information from Farafenni, from a friend of mine, who told me, that he saw Sanna Bairo Sabally the former junta Vice Chairman, being escorted by some security personnel from Senegal, heading to Banjul. My friend is on posting around Farafenni. Can you assign your agents to confirm this information?,” a concerned Gambian asked.

Sabally relocated to Germany, after serving his nine years jail term at the mile two prison. He spent some time in Dakar, Senegal, before resettling in Germany.

Sabally is married to a German attorney. His resettlement from Senegal to Kalrsruhe,  Germany, was facilitated by his German wife.

It was reported last month that he was heading a German project in Dakar, Senegal called the House of Hope-Africa-Trauma and flight. The NGO in question, is engage in refugee counselling and resettlement program.

Sabally has been adversely mentioned  by witnesses, who had testified before Gambia’s TRRC, for allegedly being responsible for the death of the November 11th 1994 coupists. Sabally has also been accused of torture among others.

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