President Adama Barrow has finally divorced the United Democratic Party (UDP). He has walked away from the political marriage with a good chunk of UDP supporters defecting to his political camp. He is currently working on setting up his own political party.

Barrow has done more harm than good to the UDP. Barrow was their go to guy, to ascend to the presidency, post transition period, but it appears that their hope of having a UDP government had been completely shattered. Now they are looking for new allies to put up a solid opposition against the current status quo.

Barrow wants to consolidate himself in power. This has resulted to the recent political divorce between him and the UDP leadership.

Adama Barrow had always been seen within the UDP membership and its hierarchy, as a “political underdog.” No one within the party, has ever thought that he was going to walk away from the party and its leader Ousainou Darboe—a man he often referred to as his political Godfather.

Power is sweet and if not handled with care, it can cause havoc. It was foolhardy on the part of Ousainou Darboe, or anyone within the UDP, to think that Barrow was going to surrender the Presidency to them.

UDP should take full responsibility for Barrow’s current power drunkenness. Had been that the party and its leader Ousainou Darboe, haven’t lured Barrow into believing that this was a UDP led government, a situation like this; wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

In our view, Barrow epitomizes what the UDP stands for. The party had thought from the word go that it was using Barrow for its own political expediency, now the table had flipped. Barrow had beaten them in their own political game. Kama is a bitch.

That being said, it was wrong for Ousainou Darboe to come up with the idea of tactical alliance in the past National Assembly election. Parties that formed the Coalition government, should have contested the election under one ticket. But Darboe, was with the misguided view that the coalition was a temporal arraignment; that the UDP having Adama Barrow at the helm of the Presidency, guarantees them incumbency advantage over other parties.

Now look what happened: The UDP has become a victim of the very Coalition government that it wittingly or unwittingly undermined for the purposes of political expediency. UDP has now been rendered as an opposition party without a political cause.

Looking at things, President Barrow has taken over the UDP. It is a question of when all the family would return home. Slowly, but surely, he is taking over.

We have seen UDP folks, who were brought to the government by Darboe, renewing their support and loyalty to the President. Darboe might end up running a ghost party.

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