The Leader of the Unite Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe says it is an understatement for anyone to say that he (Darboe) is disappointed with Ebrima Sillah, Gambia’s Information Minister. The former Gambian Vice President said his disappointment with Sillah, was occasioned by Sillah’s move to defend the indefensible. 

“ I saw on social media that your namesake (Toma) Pa Nderry, of Freedom Radio, was going to interview Ebrima Sillah. He went there; and he (Sillah) was trying to find excuses for the President. He said the President was not referring to me. That is false. The President made the statement in a public gathering. Everyone knows that he was referring to me, but Sillah took upon himself to spin the story on behalf of the President. I am really disappointed with Ebrima Sillah. Here is a guy, people had held with high esteem. If he is not careful, he will lose the respect people had for him,” Darboe told Star FM’s Nderry Touray.

Darboe says Ebrima Sillah ought to have known better. He says Sillah’s job as Information Minister, should center on speaking on government policies and not to meddle into politically motivated statements made by the President. He says President Barrow had made a “serious unforgivable political statement” when he Barrow tried to ridicule him (Darboe) and his fellow prisoners. He says it was wrong for Sillah to comment on the matter.

The UDP Leader says Sillah stand to be accused of operating beyond his scope of duties as Information Minister. He says Sillah was commenting on a matter, which has nothing to do with his job as Minister of Information.

“Nothing should make him (Ebrima Sillah) to forget about our struggle against Yahya Jammeh. Sillah and I fought together to remove the dictatorship. If we can condemn such unprofessional conduct during Jammeh’s era, we shouldn’t condone such a behavior in a government that we all fought for and voted in power. I am disappointed with Ebrima Sillah. He should confine himself to government policies and avoid making misleading political statements. He shouldn’t be clarifying on a matter like this; this is an unforgivable political statement that was made by the President Adama Barrow. If he continues to behave like this, he will reduce his credibility to zero. He is going to make people to belittle him; to look low upon him,” Darboe added.

Darboe says issues relating to political matters, should be handled by President Barrow’s political advisers and not the Information Minister.

“Let the President Adama Barrow political advisers try to clean any political mess he creates; it is not for the Information Minister; not for the Minister of Information, or for the government spokesman or the Press Secretary for the President; because all those are official functions; they should not be associated with politics at all. My brother has really disappointed me; I should say my nephew, he has disappointed me. I hope he will not do it again,” Darboe remarked.

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