The Leader of the United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe says any UDP member of Parliament, who does not accept his leader and also refuses to toe to the party’s line, would be expelled from the UDP. Mr. Darboe made the statement during an interview with Star FM, a privately-owned Gambian radio station.

“I have faith in our UDP MPs. But let me, hasten to add that; if at any given time, we have any reason to believe that any MP is not toeing the UDP line, we will expel you from the party. I have told them this at the Buffer Zone rally; that the people, who voted them into office are still around. They are still loyal to the UDP. The people who voted them into office are still UDP supporters. UDP is stronger today than ever before,” Darboe remarked.

“The choice is theirs—freedom of association.  They are free to associate with any party.  We are not bothered by it. Our grassroots support is in tack,” Darboe added.

Mr. Darboe also said that the UDP under his leadership will never induce voters. He said throughout his presence in Barrow’s government, he has never use his office to curry political favors or support from the voters.

Darboe clarified that while in office, the UDP Ministers in cabinet, had decided to allocate some part of their monthly salaries to the UDP administrative staffers. He says he (Darboe), Amadou Sanneh, and Lamin Ndambou Dibba, used to contribute monthly to a bank account that was opened for the UDP administrative staffers.

“This decision was taken while Lamin Cham was still part of the UDP Executive. I think that is where they came up with the idea of paying salaries to our Chairman, and Chairwomen. We never paid our Chairman and Chairmen,” Darboe added.

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