Troops serving with the ECOWAS Mission in The Gambia (ECOMIG), are set to begin the wearing of brown head gears (Brown Berets). These berets will have a metallic or worsted ECOWAS Logo as the cap badge, which will make it distinctive from any similar ones already in use by any of the security services within and outside of The Gambia.

This in consonance with the global practice where international and regional organizations conducting peace support operations use distinctive colour codes for berets, mufflers, arm bands and shoulder flashes.  From time immemorial, the United Nations has been using the Blue Berets and the Africa Union has adopted the Green Berets. The ECOWAS Brown Berets is therefore in line with this international practice.

It must be noted that ECOMIG troops, in their camouflage uniforms which are distinctive to their countries of origin, already do wear the brown shoulder/arm bands which has the ECOWAS logo on it. The use of the brown berets and ceremonial brown mufflers therefore completes the dress code as part of standardization.

Colonel Fulgence Ndour

Force Commander

Note to Editors:

  1. Portraits of troops dressed in brown berets, arm band and muffler are kindly attached for informative and educative purposes ONLY.
  2. Counting on your usual cooperation.
  3. Contact person: Commander Michael A. Larbi, PIO – ECOMIG FORCE HQ, GSM .

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Senegal Contingent (Force Protection)

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