The fired United Democratic Party (UDP) Trade Minister Amadou Sanneh has his fingerprints on the Banjul Breweries 75% Excise Tax increment debacle, per an official document that was signed by Amadou Sanneh himself, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The letter, which contained an unforgivable grammatical and spelling errors, had informed the Ministry of Finance, about  “ an increase on Excise Duty Tax on domestic produced beer.” The letter was dated 25th February 2019. It was signed by Amadou Sanneh. This was prior to the firing of Trade Minister Amadou Sanneh.

Even though Amadou Sanneh, was trying to mediate on behalf of Banjul Breweries on the said matter for the taxes to be reduced, it is imperative for Gambians to understand that the UDP Trade Minister Amadou Sanneh had played an instrumental role towards the recent tax hikes on alcoholic beverages. The taxes were increased from 10% to 75%.

Contrary to the claim that Finance Minister Mamburay Njie, was the main architect behind the recent 75% Excise Tax increment, information has emerged that the Trade Ministry under Amadou Sanneh was behind the tax hikes. He is playing the devil advocate, per this poorly written letter.

After realizing his mess, he decided to walk back from the decision and asked the Finance Ministry, if they could consider reducing the proposed tax hikes.

Below is a letter that was poorly written by the former Trade Minister Amadou Sanneh, who had asked the Finance Ministry to approve the recommended new tax regime. Please read on…


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