Gambia OIC failure, Essa Bokarr Sey Still In Denial and  Darkness


Gambia OIC failure, Essa Bokarr Sey Still In Denial and  Darkness

By Alhassan Darboe

Essa Bokarr Sey, the public relations officer for OIC event organizing secretariat in The Gambia has spoken out about  the confusion surrounding Gambia’s hosting and hosting rights to OIC heads of states summit slated to take place in Banjul later this year.Gambia’s minister of Foreign affairs Momodou Tangara recently confirmed to the chronicle that Gambia would no longer host the OIC event without explaining the reasons behind the failure of Gambia’s OIC hosting project.

Essa Bokarr Sey the P.R.O of the secretariat set up by the government to coordinate preparations for hosting of the 2019 OIC Heads of States Summit said: “As far as the OIC secretariat  is concerned we are assigned to mobilize resources, work on projects in preparation of the  summit  We  at the secretariat are yet to receive any information different from what we have been assigned to handle as professionals”.Essa Bokarr Sey cannot deny nor confirm as to whether the event he and his allegedly professional  team are tasked to organize is still going ahead. For now, he remains in darkness and denial as we go to press.

Also writing on the OIC drama Bassedia M. Drammeh writes: “my suspicion grew about the summit when President Barrow made what was dubbed as a surprise visit to the International Conference Center (ICC) which is being built by China.

Astonishingly, the President made no mention of the Summit for which the center is being constructed. For the sake of transparency and accountability, it will be prudent for the Gambia-OIC Secretariat to hold a media briefing as soon as possible to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this decision to scrap the summit and the way forward.”

Editors note: This article first appeared on the Gunjur online paper. It was forwarded to us by the author Alhassan Darboe.

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