The Former GDC Old Yundum Constituency Chairman Bounces Back to The GDC Party

The GDC former Old Yundum Constituency Chairman Pa Nget bounces back to the GDC party. Pa Nget left the party few months ago along with Abdoulie Cham, Modou Sowe, Rina Mendy, Ali Nget and others.
Mr Nget regretted his decision for parting ways with the party and has come back wholeheartedly with a renewed focus expressing that GDC is his true home.
“Instinctively, my mind and heart has always been with the party. I did regret my actions for quitting and I want the party to accept me back as their son” he remorsefully concluded.
He was lured to join the Barrow Youth Movement and was part of the delegation to Basse—Sarre Bojo, but wasn’t impressed. He sees BYM as a decoy to advance Barrow’s personal agenda disguise as a national course.
Ladies and gentlemen, we owe Hon. Omar Ceesay and MC Cham a great depth of gratitude for spearheading this effort in getting Pa Nget back to where he belongs, and this effort will continue.
Welcome Back Pa Nget to your true home, the GDC Party and let’s continue to expand.
Written By Samba P Jallow
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