Information reaching this medium suggests that the sacked Vice President Ousainou Darboe is preparing to travel to Saudi Arabia in coming days. The UDP Leader has placed his travel reservations. He will soon be leaving Banjul, per information gathered by this medium.

Darboe is performing Umrah. Our sources on the ground said he is about to leave town. He is expected in Saudi in the last ten days of Ramadan. He hasn’t secured his visa yet.

In another development, the recent wedding of Rohey Malick Lowe, the Mayoress of Banjul, was attended by local government Minister Musa Drammeh. Drammeh attended the wedding under his capacity as the Minister in charge of local authorities in the country. Municipalities and mayoral offices fall under his purview.

It was brought to our attention that President Barrow never sent an emissary to represent him at the wedding, even though he was invited to the wedding by Mayoress Lowe.

Relationship between Rohey Lowe and team Barrow hasn’t been that cordial. Rohey Lowe’s move to side with team yellow has caused bad blood between her and Barrow’s team. It has been alleged that she “chopped their money” and switched her allegiance to team yellow. She was rocking with team Barrow during the UDP Congress. She was even propped up to oppose Tombong Saidy during the Congress, but she couldn’t make it.

She recently married Mboge Saidykhan, a protocol and welfare officer at The Gambian Embassy in Washington DC.

Information circulating within team yellow, suggests that local government Minister Musa Drammeh was chewed out for attending Rohey Lowe’s wedding. Someone influential had to intervene on his behalf to avoid being dropped off from the bus.

On the three years “jotna” struggle, it has been gathered that several thousands of dollars have been deployed to fun the operation. The operation is being spearheaded by President Barrow’s former supporters within the UDP. Some names have started surfacing on social media.

The UDP as a party, has denied its involvement in any three years “jotna” protest march. Police have charged fifteen people after they were accused of breaching the peace.

It has been gathered that Ambassador Ramzia Diab’s contract has been renewed. Razia is Gambia’s Ambassador to Malaysia. Her contract was renewed few days ago. She is a close friend of Vice President Isatou Touray. She was among the supporters of Isatou Touray during the 2016 Presidential elections.

At the Kanifing Municipal Council, we have gathered that the Reliance Financial Services has entered into a “women empowerment loan venture with the Council” through its Mayor Talib Bensouda. It is a D100 million loan venture; no collateral is attached to the loan; lesser interest rates; per the Mayor. His Council wants to empower women living in the municipality.

We are currently investigating the owner(s) of Reliance Financial Services. For now, we will avoid passing judgment on the matter, until our investigations are completed. We will endeavor to reach out to Mayor Bensouda for comment before publishing our findings.

President Barrow’s team in KMC is making an impact in that locality. The newly inaugurated political bureau, under the able leadership of Ounda Nyang, is causing panic at the KMC. KMC is becoming a Barrow land. Ounda and his team are taking over. Ounda’s team can trigger a recall vote for the current Mayor, if they want to take that route. Thousands are joining the Barrow bandwagon in the KMC area. These are mainly women, and and male youths.

There is more to the “women loan empowerment thing.” We will leave it at that for now.

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