The Leader of The Gambia Moral Party Mai Fatty says the United Democratic Party (UDP) Spokesman Almami Fanding Taal, was a chicken during dictator Jammeh’s rule and that he (Taal) was afraid to utter a word during Gambia’s turbulent twenty-two years dictatorship, FREEDOM NEWSPAPER CAN REPORT. Fatty, who was speaking in an interview with the Fatu Network, also branded Taal as a total political ignoramus, who knows nothing about politics.

Almami Taal was a former Gambian judge during dictator Jammeh’s rule. He was later fired from The Gambian Bench.

Taal ventured into politics, following the fall of Jammeh back in January of 2017. He joined the United Democratic Party, where he was named as the party’s Spokesperson. He was also voted into the party’s Executive in the past UDP Congress.

Taal had recently branded the GMC as a one-man political party. His statement had infuriated the GMC leadership, including its leader Mai Ahmed Fatty.

Over the weekend, Fatty invited Omar Wally of the Fatu Network at his private residence to react to Taal’s wild allegations against his party.

“To say that the GMC is a one-man political party, expresses the highest political ignorance of the maker of that statement, who by the way has been unknown in Gambian political circles before barely a year ago. When we were fighting Yahya Jammeh, we were being locked up, we were driven, and we were kicked into exile; we are spending hundreds of thousands of our personal fortunate to free this country; when we were going through difficulties, these were people, who were afraid; they couldn’t even utter a single word; all of a sudden today, through our efforts, supported by The Gambian people; they coming around to deride; to contextualize our efforts that we have made; that is the second part. The third part is, GMC is not a one-man political party. We were the first political party to organize a proper congress in 2017 at the independence stadium,” Fatty remarked.

Fatty also talked about the cordial relationship that has existed between his party and the UDP over the years. He says the GMC had been a long ally of the UDP. In fact, his party, had teamed up with the UDP and the PPP in the past elections to oppose dictator Jammeh.

He also talked about  the Fass-Njaga Choi standoff, in which he sends his party’s youths to reinforce the stranded UDP entourage in the Nuimis.

“Almami Taal is a political ignoramus. He knows nothing about politics, and he is doing a great disservice to the UDP, because UDP is really losing its allies. I am telling you. I don’t think he knows how to do his job because a spokesperson of a party, when you open your mouth, you are speaking on the authority of the leadership. I do not believe that Hon. Ousainou Darboe or Aji Yam Secka will go around and say that the GMC is a one man party because Aji Yam Secka and Ousainou Darboe knows the history of our relationship with the UDP; and they know what the GMC has been doing with the UDP. Ousainou Darboe came to our congress; he was there; he didn’t see one man; he saw a packed lot of people from all across the country. He was among those who stood to give a standing obviation when I made my speech; that went viral,” Fatty added.

Mai Fatty says in as much as he doesn’t think that the UDP leadership would assault his party with such a misguided and unfounded statement, Fatty also contends that in the absence of denunciation of Taal’s statement by the UDP leadership, his party has no other alternative, other than concluding that Taal’s statement represents the views of the UDP hierarchy.

“Now if Almami Taal utters such an irresponsible and reckless statement, I think he should be sanctioned; he should be brought to book because he was speaking on the authority of the UDP leadership. And if the UDP leadership says nothing about it, the interpretation that we could decide on it is; that is officially the position of the UDP and that is why we take it seriously because it has not been recanted; there is no apology and that statement stands as it is. So, we consider Alamami’s statement to be the statement of Ousainou Darboe; to be the statement of Aji Yam Secka and every single person in the UDP leadership,” he remarked.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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