The Leader of the former ruling APRC government Fabakary Tombong Jatta has praised the people of Kanilai for their patience and respect for the rule of law. Jatta, who was addressing villagers yesterday, has vehemently condemned the shooting incident, which left one Ismaila Tamba, a cab driver injured. Tamba was shot in the back. The shooting was alleged to have been carried out by a personnel of The Gambia Armed Forces. Tamba was accused of trying to evade an army checkpoint in Kanilai, the home village of the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh.

Jatta began his speech by decrying the sufferings the people of Kanilai had endured in the two years of the Coalition government. He said an illegal curfew was imposed in Kanilai without the approval of the government in Banjul. He also said some Kanilai youths even had to run to the bushes to seek cover following the curfew.

According to Jatta, since departure of former President Yahya Jammeh from the country, the people of Kanilai have been victims of harassment. He cited the killing of the late Haruna Jatta. Jatta was alleged to have been killed by a member of the foreign troops currently stationed in The Gambia.

Jatta took a swipe at the United Democratic Party (UDP), a party he said, had once claimed that they were running the government at the time and are now out of government—with president Barrow purging its leadership. Jatta counselled the villagers by telling them to keep the faith. He said the UDP is today on the opposite side of the government.

The APRC leader reassured the villagers that they will make sure that they will get to the bottom of the shooting incident. He also praised what he called the “assuring statements” coming from military leadership.

The villagers have called on the authorities to consider moving the checkpoint to another location. They said the army checkpoint, is located in the heart of the village and is causing inconvenience for the residents.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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