A successful Drive it was, Geared towards Providing Iftar to Families of Hospital Patients at our Main Referral Hospital in Banjul, RVTH!!


A successful Drive it was, Geared towards Providing Iftar to Families of Hospital Patients at our Main Referral Hospital in Banjul, RVTH!!

It indeed was a successful day in our Capital City Of Banjul at the Grounds of our Main Referral Hospital, RVTH. Several volunteers turned out to assist in distributing food packages as part of an initiative I took as a City Councillor with the support of Our Major Parthers, The Standard CharteredBank geared towards feeding numerous deserving patients and their families as well as creating a warm environment at the Hospital where the community would break their fast at the Hospital with the Staff and Patients Families.

It became more of a reality also with the support of everyone that participated by donating, pledging, sharing post and supporting our volunteers from our Communities on the ground in the preparations. THANKS for putting up with our numerous (probably more than you cared to see) Facebook posts about the Drive; we won’t apologize because we believe that the Patients and their Families in our Hospitals are worth it. The funds raised during this Food Distribution Drive helped us to serve up to 20 Wards totalling to about 300 or more Patients as well as Staff of the RVTH.

Passionate about making a difference, The Standard Chartered Bank yet again has committed time & effort outside of working hours to pathner with our Community in providing more than 200 Packages of Meals as well as bringing their Staff to the Hospital to assist in the distribution Drive.

Last but not least, our SPECIAL THANKS goes to The Gambia Red Cross Society Banjul Branch team headed by Issa Ibn Abass Ndoye for joining us with more than 15 Volunteers that assisted us in serving the meals and also for always being very supportive in any initiative that serves the People across the Country. To all my fellow Councillors in Banjul as well as the Kanifing Municipality that either showed up or donated towards this cause, it is very much appreciated. We also say a big thank you to the NAM for Banjul Central, Hon. Muhammed Ndow for assisting in making this initive a success as well as joining us in distributing the packages.

We cannot but also thank our Dear Aunty Nahla Diab Ghanem for supporting and also being there with her family as well as Brothers and Sisters like Aisha Tafsir GayeSandigie NjieHydara KararaMomodou SaballyOley KerrFatouPa Ablie Corr Uncle Sulayman Bun Su NjieNyima SaidyDabakh MalickGallas Csay JnrLie SambaChamsu CokerMbembaBakary BadjieNancy Njie-WescottYaiks NTMamlie Abdullah NjaiSol Slim NjieOusainu Gambia just to name a few. The Community members ranging from our Imam’s, elders, advisers, Youth Leaders etc that also took time off their busy schedules to be there with us, we say a huge thank you. amulen Morom!

Aziz Dabakh Gaye, Banjul City Councillor.

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