Journalists Urged To Avoid Spreading’Fake News’


The Chief Executive Officer of Gambia OIC Secretariat, Lamin J.K Sanneh, Wednesday called on media practitioners to report responsibly and avoid spreading misinformation.

“Remember, the source of funding for this office is from Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan,” he said in an attempt to silence the adverse effects of a misinformation campaign mounted against men and women working at Gambia OIC Secretariat.

Sanneh made this remark during a news conference held at the Secretariat located at Petroleum House, Bijilo.

In recent times, social media platforms were inundated with fabricated stories about the Gambia OIC Secretariat, suggesting that the staff was paid in US dollars.

“People should stop spreading misinformation, indicating that we are being paid in US dollars,” he added.

Sanneh disclosed that these three countries will continue providing support to the Secretariat until 2023.

“The Office is for zero cost for Gambia,” he emphasized while making it very clear that he is not receiving any salary.

“I’ve been here since last February, and I don’t collect salary. That’s my contribution to my country. I don’t think that is wrong,” “Sanneh reiterated. “If you want facts, come to the Office.”

Gambia OIC Secretariat boss seized the opportunity to debunk reports relayed by some journalists that a deal was reached with Saudi Arabia and that he collected 60 millions dalasi.

Sanneh assured journalists that the Secretariat has an open door policy with regard to the media.

Established in 2018, the Gambia OIC Secretariat is tasked with responsibility to mobilize resources from OIC member countries and other friends of The Gambia in order to carry out public infrastructure projects.

Written by Abdoulie John

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