Kanilai Shooting Victim Says He Never Failed To Stop At The Checkpoint- EX Army Commander Sam Sarr


Good day Comrades.

Myself and the Interim Party leader Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta, were privileged to the victim’s account involving the shooting incident in Kanilai on Sunday when we visited him at the EFSTH yesterday.

He narrated to us that he never failed to stop at the check point as claimed by certain renowned liars and fabricators. He said its only the shooter who can explain as to why he fired that shot as there was no confrontation that should warrant a bullet been fired. He told us that the shooter know him personally as his compound and the check point is just a stone throw away.

The bullet has been removed and there is no internal damage.  He is recovering well and have started to walk around too. We are still awaiting for the conclusion of the investigation (as there were no traditional weapons this time round).

May Allah SWT grant him a speedy recovery whiles the Interim Party Leader and National Executive of the APRC hereby thank everyone who donated the much needed blood for the removal of the bullet. We also wish to thank everyone who call to donate blood in the aftermath and all those who called to show concern and solidarity to the victims family.
May Allah SWT reward all of you abundantly in this Holy Month of Ramadan.

Written By Sam Sarr

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