An Open Letter to His Excellency Mr. President Adama Barrow


An Open Letter to His Excellency Mr. President Adama Barrow

This is a follow up on my previous Open Letter to His Excellency Mr. President to which I never received a response.

I hereby wish to bring the following facts to His Excellency’s attention:

1. A Kangaroo Court was set-up and marshaled by one-man, Samba Camara-Mballow was convened on Wednesday 2019-04-24 where I was put on an Unjust Trial without any Legal Representation whatsoever.

2. Their Dismissal Verdict was “supposedly” reached and recommended by the so-called Independent Chairperson of the Kangaroo Court. It was delivered via an email on Tuesday 2019-04-30 stating that the High Commission endorses that recommendation. And that Monday 2019-04-29 would be my “supposed” last working day. This verdict was delivered without the Original Document from the so-called Chairperson (Attorneys) accompanying it.

When I was appointed permanently by the Gambia Embassy, as it was then called, the Employment Letter stipulated that:

“The appointment is terminable by either party upon giving a notice of one month or payment of one month salary in lieu of notice”

3. That I suffered triple Oppression and Discrimination from Samba Camara-Mballow because of his entrenched Patriarchal Attitude at the Workplace.

A. I am a woman of Integrity who respect herself as well as her Marriage. It is an Open Secret that most men do not like women who are Independent; Opinionated; Smart; Intelligent and Outspoken. I would never sell my soul for a mere pittance. (Evil is that for which they have sold their souls – 2: 90).

B. Samba deeply resented the fact that as a Smart; Intelligent and Pretty Gambian woman I am married to a South African. He could hardly hide it. He treats me as if I am not a Gambian.

C. As a local-staffer I certainly believe that thereare certain benefits that I (We) are entitled to but Samba Camara-Mballow “put his feet” on these benefits. eg Medical Aid etc [It is also a Standard practice in most Embassies in South Africa to sponsor the local-staff to visit the Government or Country that employs them so that they can have intimate knowledge of the Country they are working for].

4. I was Unfairly Dismissed. I worked with Samba close to four (04) years now. During that Period I never had any Verbal Warning or Written Warning. Supposedly this was my first “misconduct” or whatever name we call it. Does it warranty a Dismissal? And also without an Option to Appeal the verdict of the so-called Hearing? Is this how our Government operate?

Through this Case Scenario I learned that the Evil Eye does exist and it is Real. I also learned that Gambians will do anything in their Quest for Material Benefits and Positions. What can we expect from most of Yahya Jammeh’s Civil Servants who spent an entire lifetime working for a Kleptomaniac Dictatorship? They have been marinated in manipulation; backstabbing; lies; deceit; hatred and PHDs (Pull him/her down syndrome).

History will judge us and it will vindicate some of us. As a Muslim I am not a bitter woman and I accept whatever life/fate throws my way. As a Strong; Resilient; Sagacious and Diligent woman I know that my Destiny is in my hands and I will be successful as the saying goes, “everything I touch turns to gold”.

5. The High Commission promised to pay me all the monies and benefits due to me. However it seems as if the High Commission has renegade from its promise.

6. I would also like to put it on Record (and swear by everything sacred to me) that I Sarjo Kekuta Sissohore, daughter of Muhammad Kekuta Sissohore [may Allah have Mercy on his departed soul] I am a Proud and Patriotic Gambian and I pay my allegiance to the Truth first; to Gambia and her people and not Individuals. People come and go but the Truth will always remain. So be it if people will hate me for that During the 2016 Gambia General Elections I supported Gambia and her People by rooting for the Coalition which cost me my job!

Therefore Mr. President I Appeal to you and through you to Instruct Samba Camara-Mballow to pay me all the Benefits that are due to me as a former Employee of the Gambia High Commission.

Yours Sincerely
Sarjo Kekuta Sissohore(Foroo Musoo)

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