The Gambian government has extended the contract of Sulayman Bun Jack, Gambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Jack was on two years contract. He was among the foreign service diplomats whose contracts were renewed by the government.

Sulayman Bun Jack had served as Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defense during President Jawara’s rule. He is a career public servant.

Jack, according to sources was informed by the government that his contract has been extended. He was hired back in 2017 to head The Gambian Embassy in Ethiopia.

In another development, Ramzia Diab, Gambia’s Ambassador to Malaysia also has had her contract extended. Ms. Diab was hired on a two years contract. Her original contract expires on May 16th, 2019.

Francis Blain, Gambia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom has been asked by the government to continue to run the Gambian chancery in England. Blain is a career former United Nations official. His contract was extended for another one year.

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