I write in response to Seedy Njie, a former APRC stalwart, who also doubled as former short-lived  Information minister and served for only 9 days during the political impasse in 2017. Njie has accused the GDC leader Hon. Mamma Kandeh of trying to incite violence to destabilize Gambia in his latest interview with the Senegalese TFM Tv.
Seedy Njie is wrong to make such accusations aganist Hon. Kandeh because the GDC party is the champion of peace and discipline among all political parties in The Gambia. Our leader Hon. Mamma Kandeh has always been advocating for peace, stability and tranquility in the country and it is evident that our party is very discipline and has high regard for the rule of law.
Regarding Hon. Kandeh’s call for Barrow to respect his 3-year agreement, Hon. Kandeh is very right about that because leaders should not use politics as a tool to fool the people. It is Adama Barrow himself who said it and he has to respect his words if he wants the people to take him as a serious leader.
Seedy also said that Mamma Kandeh is jealous because Barrow is doing a lot of development work in the country. Now tell me, which projects have Barrow embarked upon entirely in the interest of Gambians that have yield dividend? Apart from the projects he inherited from Jammeh’s government, what has Barrow done here for 3 years now?
Nothing absolutely. His government cannot even pay teachers salary, they cannot buy farmers groundnut and even the Gambia’s hosting of the OIC summit has now become a failure. What has Barrow achieved? Nothing.
Hon. Kandeh’s statement is very clear but it is Seedy Njie himself who wants to twist Kandeh’s message and he has failed woefully. I wish to use this opportunity to reveal to Gambians that Seedy Njie (while he was Information minister) has met Hon. Mamma Kandeh during the political impasse, to convince Kandeh to reject the election results in favour of Jammeh, but Kandeh vehemently refused, saying that Gambians voted for Barrow and the Coalition and has to be respected.
Besides, Seedy Njie himself has no authority to counsel Hon. Kandeh to preach peace in this country. Least we forget, in 2017 when he was appointed minister of Information during the political impasse, Seedy Njie said the former president Jammeh will not step down, thereby causing confusion and adding salt to the country’s political wound (crisis). His statement nearly set this country ablaze. Seedy Njie should apologize to Gambians for his ignorant statements infavour of a defeated former dictator who wanted to plunge this country into civil war.
Hon. Kandeh was interviewed by TFM at his home in Nema Kunku and what he said is very clear. He said since 1965,  Gambians have never asked any elected president to resign after 3 years except Barrow simply because Adama Barrow himself campaigned to run for office for 3 years and hand over power. So this is why people are calling for the 3 years instead of five as mandated by the Constitution. It was only GDC and APRC that campaigned for 5 years.
Seedy Njie has zero credibility in today’s Gambian society and cannot preach anything good to anyone, talkless of a president in waiting in the person of Hon. Mamma Kandeh. If there is anything that would destablize this country, then it will come from President Barrow himself, hence his inconsistency and unapologetic nature. He is now doing whatever he wants, as if there is no democracy or rule of law in this country.
MC Cham Jnr
National Youth President
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