Aisha Sarja Fatty, a former Protocol Officer at the State House, has been indicted by the Janneh Commission, Freedom Newspaper can report. Ms. Fatty was indicted together with her former “friend” General Saul Badjie. Badjie is living in exile in Equatorial Guinea.

The Janneh Commission has found the duo liable in its findings. Aisha Fatty’s name was featured on the list of individuals, who had been adversely mentioned by the Commission’s findings. The same thing applies to General Badjie.

Ms. Fatty was cited for a landed property she claimed to have secured during dictator Jammeh’s rule. Both her name and that of General Badjie came up during the alleged transactions.

General Badjie in particular, has been ordered to pay up millions of dalasis to The Gambian state. Badjie has been cited for the massive theft of public funds at the Central Bank of The Gambia. Millions of dollars were stolen from the Bank during Governor Amadou Colley’s leadership. Colley was also cited by the Commission for abdication of duties. An adverse finding had been established against former Governor Colley.

It is not clear if General Saul Badjie has been informed about the Commission’s adverse findings against him, but this paper can authoritatively report that Badjie was among the individuals indicted.

Below is a Foroyaa Newspaper publication on Aisha Fatty’s past testimony to the Janneh Commission. Please read on.


Testifying before the Commission, Ms. Fatty confirmed that she was asked to vacate the said property by the Registrar General; that she did not vacate the property because it belongs to her family.

According to her, she was working as a Protocol Officer at the office of the former president from December 2013 to December 2015. When asked if she had an appointment letter, she responded in the affirmative.

At this juncture, Counsel Bensouda told her that she was required to provide her appointment letter and business registration certificates; that she told Lt. Buba Jammeh that she earlier got a property at Sukuta but was duped, noting that Lt. Buba Jammeh told her that Saul Badjie would be able to help her.

She revealed that Saul Badjie was informed and he asked where the property was located, and was told by Saul Badjie, that he would be of help, and showed her a plot of land. She said Saul Badjie asked her where she would want the property to be situated, and she told him that she would want it to be situated within Senegambia.

She said subsequently, Saul Badjie told her about a land at Bijilo costing D450,000 which she bought, noting that her family agreed to contribute after informing them about the land; that she was not happy because the contractor was not regular at work and was very slow. She said she engaged another contractor by the name Talla Barry of Manjai, who completed the work while the first contractor was terminated.

On how she came to know Lt. Buba Jammeh, she said she knew him at State House as Head of Intelligence, at the office of the former president; that General Saul Badjie told her that they had a transfer from the Alkalo in her name, but she never saw the transfer.

She disclosed that she paid the said sum in 2014; that Saul Badjie gave her no receipt. She went on to say that the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Lands Buba Sanyang, in 2016 was doing the transfer of ownership but never gave her any document to sign.

However, Counsel Bensouda told her that the PS does not deal with the transfer of ownership of lands, noting that she banked with Guaranty Trust Bank and her salary as protocol officer was between D8,000 and D10,000. She revealed that she paid about D100,000 for the fence and foundation, further stating that she built the foundation around 2014 and it was completed in 2016.

Ms. Fatty confirmed that D2.3m was the cost of the building.

At this juncture, Counsel Bensouda asked her whether she had a contract with Talla Barry. In response, she said she has the contract at home and can produce it; that she paid Talla Barry D2.2m for completing the storey building.

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