President Macky Sall and his brother Alieu Sall have been named in a BBC investigative report, in which the duo had been allegedly implicated in a ten billion dollars oil scandal, Freedom Newspaper can report. Alieu Sall is the country manager for the oil company called Petro-Tim Limited. Petro Tim is owned by Frank Timis, a Romanian businessman. Sall was hired by Mr. Timis and was put on a monthly salary of twenty-five thousand dollars $25,000, per the BBC findings. His employment contract lasted for five years. Sall’s five years salary was said to have totaled $1.5 million dollars.

Part of Alieu Sall’s work, was to lobby his brother’s government to ensure that the Timis oil company was granted mining license. The company was eyeing for two oil blocks in Senegal.

The Petro-Tim company was registered back in 2011. It was initially being operated from what appeared to be an apartment complex in Dakar.

Timis’s company had no mining record, according to Abdoulie Mbaye, Senegal’s former Prime Minister. Mbaye tells the BBC that there was a conflict of interest from the word go because it was President Macky Sall, who signed the “decree” which allows the mining contract that was awarded to Petro-Tim Limited to go ahead. Mbaye also added that President Sall’s biological brother Alieu Sall, works for the said company, which was a beneficiary to the scandalous oil deal. Mbaye describes the oil scandal as serious.

Alieu Sall has no oil mining experience. He was hired on condition that Frank Timis was allowed to keep the valuable concessions. The contract Sall signed with Petro- Tim,  shows that the President’s brother was paid $25,000 for five years. Alieu Sall was promised shares worth three million dollars in Frank Timis’s company, the BBC reported.

Jeremy Carver is a lawyer, who specializes in due diligence and corruption. Carver says the monthly payments of $25,000 dollars for a consultancy is little surprisingly large for somebody that has no previous experience in that industry.

“The explanation for it seems to be he is connected with the confirmation by his brother the President of the licensed blocks. I do find the payments suspicious. The linkage between the two, it is unmistakable in my view,” Carver tells the BBC.

Mamadou Lamine Diallo is a Senegalese opposition MP.  Diallo was showed the consultancy agreement Alieu Sall had entered into with Petro-Tim.

“ I think it is very clear here that Alieu Sall was involved to convince his brother to sign the decrees and give the blocks to Petro-Tim and Petro-Tim has no technical and financial capacity to get those blocks,” MP Diallo said.

“This is shocking because you should know that President Macky Sall came to power under strong commitment of good governance; he just betrayed our hope and we are definitely shock on that. It is a shame,” Diallo remarked.

Alieu Sall had denied the corruption allegations. He also denied receiving the three million dollars shares. His lawyer tells the BBC that Sall was engaged for his expertise and not because he happened to be the brother of President Sall. His lawyer also said Alieu Sall never attended any meeting about the deal with President Sall.

But the BCC says it had a document in its possession which suggests that such claims are not true. The document suggests that Alieu Sall met with his brother President Sall as a courtesy to inform him about the application.

According to the BBC “BP has agreed to pay around ten billion dollars to a businessman involved in a suspicious energy deal. The energy giant bought Frank Timis’s stake in a gas field off the coast of Senegal for $250 million in 2017. But documents obtained by BBC Panorama and Africa Eye reveal that BP will also pay his company between nine and twelve billion dollars in royalties. Both BP and Mr Timis deny any wrongdoing.”

Frank Timis used to operate businesses in the United Kingdom. The BBC says he had two past convictions in supplying heroines back in 90s.

The oil giant BP, recently signed an oil exploration deal with The Gambian government. This followed failed mining exploration spearheaded by a Norwegian company FAR LIMITED. FAR LIMITED was allocated two oil blocks by The Gambian government. Initial exploration tests had proven negative.

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