Gambian business magnate Amadou Samba has been served with notice of adverse findings by the Janneh Commission, Freedom Newspaper has been reliably informed. Samba’s name came up eighteen (18), per the list of individuals cited by the Commission and  is in our possession.

Mr. Samba is a successful Gambian businessman. He was among the list of witnesses, who had testified before the Janneh Commission.The Commission was tasked to investigate dictator Jammeh’s alleged financial crimes and other line enterprises.

When contacted for comment, Mr. Amadou Samba confirmed receiving a notice of service from the Janneh Commission about its findings. Samba wouldn’t comment as to whether the notice he received from the Janneh Commission was an adverse one.

“I did receive a notice from the Commission. I cannot comment on this now Pa. Please give me time. I will comment on it at the appropriate time. The matter is currently sub judice. I hope you understand,” Mr. Samba told me during a phone conversation on Thursday.

Also cited by the Janneh Commission, was the Lebanese born businessman Muhammed Bazzi. Bazzi, has been ordered to pay up millions of dalasis to The Gambian state or risked having his assets forfeited by the state.

Bazzi, was recently indicted by the US government for fanning international terrorism, money laundering, among others. He is believed to be residing in his native country Lebanon. He has businesses in The Gambia. He also had businesses in Belgium.

Also indicted by the Janneh Commission, was Tony Ghatas, a Lebanese businessman. The Commission has established an adverse finding against Mr. Ghatas.

Like Muhammed Bazzi, Ghatas, too has been ordered to pay up millions of dalasis to the state. Failure of which, Ghatas risked having his assets forfeited by the state.

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