Pa, allow me space in your widely read newspaper even though I do not agree on all your publications, nevertheless, I am an Avid reader of your Freedom newspaper. As a citizen, It is my responsibility to contribute to National Development in any means legal especially where directing the Affairs of our Nation politically, Economically and socially is concerned.

Firstly, I will start this write-up by praying for peace and tranquility to prevail in our Dear MOTHERLAND. May Gambians prevail in the continuous fight to Democratize our institutions and the entire country. As a concern Gambian, I will not do justice to my conscience if I remain silent in the midst of what seemed to be a public fracas/ outcry regarding the ongoing debate about the coalition agreement of 3 years on which President Barrow campaigned and promised Gambians.

It is the Business of every Decent Gambians to promote and preach peace. We cannot afford to lag behind. The present and future developmental aspirations of this country and her people far supersedes the interest of one person or a group of power hungry politicians. Look into History and you will found out that there were transitional Government in Africa which paved a way for institutional reforms in their various countries and are now enjoying if full-fledged Democracy. Why can’t this Government be one of them. The Era of giving false political promises are over and it is the responsibility of the citizens to hold the Government Accountable for their Actions. How can citizens trust politicians who fail to honor their promise to the people and later enrich themselves at the detriment of poor citizens who cannot afford three square meals a day. It is a sin and a crime against Humanity. Barrow must not allow that to happen.

There are so many things going wrong in our country today as a result of bad policies and decisions of this government and the Agenda on the basis of which the president was first elected by the people is no longer his Agenda/priority. There is no civil service reform. Political Dismissals are still rampant as was then. No security sector reform, Farmers cannot sell their groundnuts ever since you ascend the presidency. There is lawlessness in the country. There is ample evidence around to show that the country is not secure. People killing other people and nothing comes out of it. What are Guns doing in our country? What are the reasons/ basis of importing a container of Assault Hunting Guns into our country? The importer Mr Jawara should have been arrested and charged for importing Arms of war into our country but NO.. he is walking freely and enjoying his wealth. What are the police doing about that? What is the so-called minister of Interior doing about that.  Instead, He can asked the police to arrest the young, armless and innocent citizens for calling on you to respect the coalition Agreement and resign after 3 years and He can waste his precious time going to star FM to threatened people. What is wrong with 3 yrs jotna after all? Was that not the Agreement he signed with coalition partners and resigned from the UDP? Was that not the Agreement he campaigned about and himself saying to journalist around the world.  My Advice to you is to resign after three years and form your party and contest the Election and save our country from descending into chaos. We Gambians don’t deserve that. We deserve better after 22 years of Dictatorship. I am saying that you as the Bus driver is taking back this country to the Dark days we so terribly fought and defeated. I am again saying that genuine, honest, decent and god fearing Gambians will not sit idly by and watch our country sink. We owe it to the Generations yet unborn to develop this country based on good governance and good laws that will stand the test of time. By now, I and many Gambians have no doubts that you are ready to form a political party and your Barrow youth movement is a clear manifestation of that. At the moment, your only preoccupation is to exploit ways and means to entrench yourself in power aided by Vermins and parasites like Dou Sannoh, Cham, and your able praise singers like Hamat Bah, Mai fatty, Hendry Gomez and Isatou Touray. These people are politically irrelevant and cannot maintain their respective political clans much more keeping you in power in any given Election. Way back in 2016 during the political impasse, when we visited you at Brufut, you did say that all what is happening at the time serves you as an eye opener and truly power belongs to the people. You also said that anyone who wants to betray this country will woefully fail and that those who fail to learn from History are bound to repeat it. Now, my question is, did you learn anything from what happen during the impasse. The parasites who wanted to annul the Elections in favor of Jammeh and calling for your head are now your political friends. What did you make of seedy“criminal Interest” Nie’s statement in response to Mama Kandeh. Did Seedy Nie not threatened you and the entire Gambians. We have not forgotten about that. Can anyone take you politically seriously as a Decent and Honest politician in the Company of Seedy “criminal interest” Njie, Fabakary Tombong  jatta, Dou Sannoh and many like them who are only after their personal well being at the expense of this Nation. My Advice to you Mr Barrow is that nothing is permanent under the sun except the reign of Allah and we will all be held Accountable to either Man and God or Both. Ask Yahya Jammeh. Your continued association with former enablers and now political sycophants like Dou Sannoh who cannot sign his name can only be assured of his position as A Political adviser only under your Government. He is misleading you politically, that is why he wants a Jammeh style leadership for you for his survival. These are the same people responsible for the Economic mismanagement, Human right abuses, Abuse of office etc in this country. It is a political SUICIDE. In the event of all this, what is your Agenda? Why is the Janneh Commission report still not implemented? If The powers of the president is not greatly reduce in the new constitution, we will witness a new form of Dictatorship. We Gambians must not allow that to happen. I hope you will see reason and truth. There is life after presidency.



Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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