They have unsheathed their swords and assembled their deadly arsenals in readiness for a show down.

Taking you down memory lane, the University of The Gambia Faculty and Staff Association embarked on a sit down strike in early 2017 over allegations that the UTG Management purchased official vehicles without following due process, and above all, the transaction was a misplaced priority. A sit down strike ensued and lasted over four weeks demanding for the resignation of the UTG top Management. An independent investigative panel was set up to look into the allegations. The Panel headed by the then Chairman of Public Service Commission, conducted a thorough investigation and submitted a report on the findings. However, the findings were contrary to the allegations and the UTGFSA was put to shame.

A new executive of the UTGFSA was recently inaugurated to continue the unfinished agenda of their predecessor. In what appeared to be a master conspiracy, the top executives of the 2nd UTGFSA all shared the same ethnicity:

Dr. Alieu Gibba- President

Mr. Tumani Sanneh-Secretary General

Mr. Yankuba Kujabi- Welfare Officer

Mr. A Kujabi- Public Relations Officer

Information has emerged that these executive members are surrogates of the APRC and had vowed to appease their patron.

In a leaked audio making the rounds recently on UTG campus, it was clear that the UTGFSA had a meeting with the UTG Management ostensibly to submit their strategic plan. In that meeting, the rabble rouser, Tumani Sanneh, was heard begging the UTG Management to step back and allow the UTGFSA to confront Hon Badara Joof headlong ,and teach him a lesson and by extension the Barrow government. He cited neglect of the institution, interference by the Minister and gross underfunding as reasons that would warrant a show down with the government.

The UTGFSA Secretary General also alleged that the Chairman of the Governing Council is a puppet of the Hon Minister and he was appointed purposely to do the biddings of Badara Joof. Even more intriguing, was the revelation that during the UTGFSA recent courtesy call on Minister Joof, that Minister Joof gladly and joyfully informed them that Momodou Jain would soon be replaced as Deputy Vice Chancellor. The UTGFSA has vowed to maintain Momodou Jain at all cost citing that the “devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know”.

The stage is now set for a “casus belli” as strings of demands have been put forward for implementation failure of which the UTGFSA will spearhead a mass action to coincide with the 3 years JOTNA.

Written By Kausu Sanneh

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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