I have listened to the testimony of lawyer Ousainou Darboe and the fascinating bit is the path where he alluded to my worry about his safety and asking him to change his resting place the night before my arrest as if I feared for his safety. What actually happened was that Baba Jobe and Modoupika were seen by my self and they were discussing the decision to pick him up because according to them UDP was causing the APRC problems due to the following crowds. I actually informed Majanko Samusa and the youths in the democracy vehicle plus the other groups about this and we broke down fences to arm ourselves with sticks to defend Ousainou’s place of rest that night .. the threat dissipated.please ask Majanko about this. I never told Ousainou to move from where he was and this was the IOGT Rest house kerewan.

The next statement which struck me was his declaration that he did not know how I got arrested. The fact is that he informed me that the police wanted me I replied just like he himself said he did earlier on when requested by the police or NIA , that he won’t go. I insisted and he then told me kana mul Lula campaign tiinya.. he also mockingly asked if I was scared of the police .. that was very callous indeed. I took offense at that remark then replied that I would only go to the police if the UDP escorts me to which he added that Doctor Seesay and Mariam Dentpn; current speaker, should do that ; which they did. I submit that his statement on this affair as it affected me is fallacious and dishonest. I expected him to simply own up .

It is human to err and it was a big error on his path to make me go to the police that way. I would not run away or resist arrest . If the police had come for me which they did not do I would have accepted their arrest. They never arrested  me. Commander Suwareh and captain Ceesay Njie can attest to this fact.

I decided to become security chief for UDP knowing the risks that this would entail and was ready to face them, what I did not bargain for was my leader sending  me to the dogs. That was a dishonourable act. I can only attribute this to cowardice . I am now more convinced that the reason he kept me at a distance is this  shameful incident.

Written By Seyaka Sonko

Source: Seyaka Sonko’s Facebook page.

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