The Gambia Telecommunication Company (Gamtel) has a new Deputy Managing Director. His name is Lamin Tukara. Tukara is a long-time resident of the Triangle here in Raleigh, North Carolina. His appointment hasn’t been officially announced. But this paper can report with a high degree of certainty that the Raleigh based resident is about to pack his belongings to return to his native country, The Gambia, where he has been offered a Deputy MD position at Gamtel.

In fact, Gamtel insiders said they are expecting Tukara to report to work in coming weeks. Tunkara is an IT guy. He works for Raleigh State Department of Human Services, we are told.

Tunkara was handpicked by President Barrow to occupy that top job at Gamtel. He was a UDP supporter, until the recent breakaway between President Barrow’s camp and Darboe’s UDP party. Tunkara is among the UDP supporters, who have decided to ride with the Barrow bus.

Sources have intimated that Tunkara has always had the desire (ambition) to work at Gamtel. Now his long-cherished dream has come into fruition, one source told us.

Tunkara himself hasn’t received his letter of appointment yet. But sources said he is working on going home to assume his new appointment at Gamtel.

In one of his trips to the US, some Gambians living in Raleigh, particularly those identifying themselves as UDP supporters met with President Barrow. Tunkara was among that delegation. The issue of securing jobs in the administration was discussed, according to a source familiar with the details of that meeting. Information Minister Ebrima Sillah was said to be President Barrow’s designated official to handle the Raleigh delegation. One of them was offered a position of Deputy Ambassador in Russia back in 2018, but for some reasons he never got the job.

Tunkara used to manage a Facebook channel dedicated to promote President Barrow’s political agenda on social media. Banjul is expecting a new hire at Gamtel.

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