Gambia Government Urged To Explain Outcome of Meeting With German Delegation.
Members of The Gambia Refugees Association – Europe Branch are calling on The Gambia Government to explain the outcome of their meeting with  the German delegation from Baden Württemberg Region to the Gambia from 13th – 15th June, 2019.
The German delegation which comprised the secretary general of the CDU party in Baden-Württemberg, Manuel Hagel, and the Interior politician in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Siegfried Lorek, have held political discussions with Gambian vice president Dr. Isatou Touray and other government officials on migration and about Gambian refugees in Germany.
The delegation had meetings with the Vice-President Dr. Touray;  the minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Momodou Tangara; the Interior minister, Ebrima Mballow; and members of the National Assembly of the Gambia.
They discussed possibilities of finding solutions to irregular migration and possible deportation of Gambian migrants from Germany, details of which are kept unknown to the general public. Almost 16,000 Gambian refugees are living in Baden Württemberg region and the German delegation had said in a newspaper interview during their visit that 95% of Gambians in Germany will be deported.
In this regard, as an association fighting for the welfare of Gambian refugees, we are appealing to The Gambia government to issue a public statement and tell the Gambian people the reason for the visit of the German delegation; and we also want to know what they discussed; and what agreement does The Gambia and Germany have regarding the plight of Gambian refugees in Germany?
It would be recalled that sometime in March this year, shortly after our peaceful demonstration in The Gambia, the government of The Gambia claimed to have issued a moratorium on the deportation of its citizens and promised to get back to us regarding the said issue but until now we did not receive or hear any information.
It is time for action and we are therefore appealing to The Gambia government to communicate to the general public about the out come of their meeting with the German delegation and authorities immediately or else we will orgainze a peaceful demonstration in Gambia as soon as possible. We need answers now!
Alieu Badara Suso
Assistant PRO
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