Gambian transporters chase out Senegalese Truckers out of town, amid dispute over border crossing related issues!


Some people claiming to be acting under the authority of The Gambia Transport Union this morning started asking Senegalese truck drivers to leave The Gambia without their expressed will. This followed what they called Senegal’s refusal to allow Gambian truckers to cross the border to transport goods into the sister neighboring country. Gambian truck drivers also denied access to pickup goods from Senegal to drop them off into The Gambia, they said.

There is confusion in Banjul as we file this story. The situation could escalate into a full blown crisis if not handled with care.

Meanwhile, President Barrow, has left Banjul last night for Nigeria, according to one security chief, who spoke to us. The security officer said they are aware of dispute between The Gambian transporters and their Senegalese counterparts.

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