Letter Writer Says There is More To Fatou Jallow’s Alleged Rape Allegations Against Jammeh

I have listen to FATOU JALLOW’S RAPE STORY interview last night with Sheriff Bojang JR AGAINST Dictator JAMMEH with great concern and its hard for me to absorb the end of the story when she said Jammeh injected her to calm her down to be able to put her in control.
What doubt me was, she said after the intercourse, she gain little of her consciousness and Jammeh was sitting in front of her with just under pants on and told her to get out of the room, she was able to get up walk outside and one of an unnamed body guard told her our job is to protect the president. She got into the car for home later talk to her boyfriend that very night without saying anything him, in regard to the incident.
She took shower for about two hours scrubbing her body including the Private part. Three days later she again got a call from the same Protocol the fixer from state house which she ignore and later ran to Senegal.
My personal question is what was she injected with, to just knock her down for few minutes/hours and she was able to gain her consciousness to get home she spoke to her boyfriend without telling him the story or even the mom? Maybe that is not the end of her story. Am not here to defend the dictator but we need to hear the end of the story.
Written By Kalilu Touray
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