The United Democratic Party Leader Ousainou Darboe has warned Gambians to brace up for what he calls “another tyrannical rule” similar to that of dictator Jammeh’s rule. Darboe was addressing his supporters in Wellingara on Saturday. He says another culture of tyrannical rule is creeping in the new Gambia. He called on citizens to resist any form of tyrannical rule.

Applauded by an excited UDP crowd, Darboe also notes that what obtains in present day Gambia, under President Adama Barrow’s rule, is not the least encouraging as far the values and sacrifices we as a nation had represented and fought for over the years in removing the Jammeh regime. He tried to make a comparison the difference between the Jammeh administration and that of Barrow’s rule. He says there is not much difference between the two administration—adding that Executive Orders are still being directed to target government workers suspected to be sympathetic to the opposition. He adds that workers are being fired under the directives of the President Adama Barrow; a move he strongly condemned.

“This was not what we fought for. We do not fought Jammeh because he is from Foni. We do not fought Jammeh because he is a Jolla. We fought Jammeh based on principles. One of our main outcries during Jammeh’s rule, was the abuse of Executive Orders. Here we are witnessing a similar trend happening in the new Gambia,” Darboe remarked in the local Mandinka dialect.

Darboe warns that the TRRC “Never Again” mantra will land in the dustbin of history, if Gambians do not stand up to be counted to stop what he calls “the looming tyranny” developing in our country. He says there is enough warning signs to suggest that The Gambia is at risk of returning tyrannical rule.

“I heard them asking as to whether I want to go back to jail; well if defending and standing up for my country means going to jail, then I am ready to die for The Gambia. This is our country. We cannot afford another dictatorship. It should be the duty of every patriotic citizen to fight tyranny in any form,” Darboe remarked.

Darboe also made a disclaimer that the UDP as a party, is not advocating for the removal of the Barrow government. He also said any UDP supporter, who joins any group to advocate for three years “jotna” he or she do not represent the party.

“If we decide to make our position on the matter, we will communicate it to The Gambian people. We are not part of any group calling for the removal of the present government,” he remarked.

Darboe also raised the issue of corruption during his address. He commended Justice Minister Tambadou for the measures his Ministry has taken in regards to the Janneh Commission report. Though he was quick to add that Tambadou shouldn’t stop at employing an interim measure, he says, Tambadou should enforce the report to the letter. He added that the implementation of the Janneh Commission report will make the government credible.

Darboe also called on the government to revamp the Banjul Port. He said other countries in the sub-region had developed their ports with the exception of The Gambia. This he says, will make our port not attractive commercially. He says Mali could have used our ports for reexport trade had been that our port was fully functional.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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