OPINION: TRRC Drama with Yankuba Touray


If Yankuba Touray has grounds for invoking his constitutional immunity, then following that stupid section 13 will be very illogical. These are manifestations of refusal to follow Allah’s sent down Laws.

We all know the Junta committed heinous crimes against Humanity. Protecting themselves with Sec13 shows a defect in man-made laws. If we all agree human beings are imperfect, what can they produce that can be absolutely perfect? The constitution of The Gambia is at war with itself.

We as a nation will never reconcile if the truth is not given a chance. The truth is not Immunity. The truth is to do what is good and right.

It’s long overdue as we speak. Gambia and Gambians need Justice. By Allah, I’m willing to put it forward to anyone that shariah is the Justice all our Lawyers and Human commentators are searching ignorantly. It’s so disheartening to cover up your ass with an entrenched clause.

Islam has the solution to the Gambia and the world’s problems. Until we go back to it, the world shall know no peace nor Justice.

By Momodou Lamin Fatty (Prince of Da Nation), the author is a third-year student within the faculty of Islamic Economics, International Open University (IOU).

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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