The Gambian girl Fatou Jallow, who claimed that she was allegedly raped by dictator Yahya Jammeh says she was helped by Ahmad Gitteh to leave The Gambia, and subsequently resettled in Canada.  Ms. Jallow made the revelation during an interview with Radio France International.

Ahmad Gitteh was a former supporter of dictator Jammeh’s regime. He used to work at the State broadcaster GRTS, as a reporter, before he was sent on study leave to Canada. His studies was being funded by dictator Jammeh. Jammeh later decided to stop his scholarship for some unknown reasons.

In fact, Gitteh’s name was among a list of Jammeh’s sponsored students to study overseas which was publicized by the Janneh Commission. Jammeh personally sponsored him and not The Gambian state.

Upset by Jammeh’s decision to yank his scholarship, Gitteh then decided to join the diasporan opposition wing to wage a struggle against the brutal dictator. He started as a talk host show commentator with the Fatu Network. He later parted company with the Network, and joined the Gainako Radio.

According to Ms. Jallow, when she had in mind of fleeing The Gambia, she decided to get in touch with Ahmad Gitteh, who introduced her to Ebrima Chongan, of the United Kingdom. Chongan was a former security chief during President Jawara’s rule. Chongan works for the UK Home Office.

According to Ms. Jallow, who had raised the alarm bell about cases of unreported rapes in The Gambia, there and then Chongan, coordinated with Gitteh, for her safe departure from Banjul to neighboring Senegal. She said one Omar Thorpe, a Senegalese national, was Chongan’s point of contact in Dakar. It was Thorpe, who received her in Senegal, she said.

Omar Thorpe is a strong supporter of President Macky Sall’s government. He is running a private security firm in Senegal. His firm was contracted to help protect President Barrow during the political impasse.

Fatou Jallow was hosted by Thorpe before resettling in Canada. She told RFI that she never publicly talked about her alleged rape case against Jammeh, until her recent home return. She also says one Jimbay Jammeh, a relative of former President Jammeh, allegedly  coordinated with Jammeh before she was allegedly raped.

Jimbay was among Jammeh’s Protocol team at the State House. She is a native of Bakau.

Fatou Jallow’s mum is an educationist. She started having contacts with Jammeh, after she won a beauty pageant contest that was organized by Gambia’s Education Ministry in collaboration with the Jammeh State House. She was given thousands of dsalasis, following her victory. Dictator Jammeh also offered to install water and revamp their home, which she and her parents accepted. Down the line, she decided to cut lose the sex maniac dictator and went into exile to Canada.

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