Police warns compound owners, developers and construction workers to desist from obstructing traffic

Following numerous queries and concerns about the commencement of the rainy season, The office of the Inspector General of Police wishes to remind the general public, compound owners, developers and construction workers in the habit of occupying public roads and highways with construction materials like Sand, Gravel, Basalt, etc causing obstruction and  blockage, to desist from such practices.
This practice contravenes section 6(k) of the Roads and Highway Act, laws of the Gambia, and the Office of the Inspector General of Police will not hesitate to apply the laws on those found wanting.
Accordingly, individuals constructing or developing property are urged to liaise with their local police commands, who will assess the neighborhood and issue reasonable period of time for materials to be transported inside compounds or construction sites. This will ensure such materials do not remain on the roads causing blockages and obstructions for  long periods of time.
Similarly, compound owners and individuals erecting barriers ( used tires, concrete blocks, heavy logs, pits, etc) on public roads, must equally desist from such practices to avoid legal actions.
In this regard, the Inspector General’s Office solicits the cooperation and understanding of the general public towards the maintenance of law and order.
ASP Lamin Njie
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