Fatoumatta Sandeng, Aminata Manneh and Fatou ‘Toufah’ Jallow have been close friends since their secondary school days. These three have fooled or are fooling Gambians for fame and fortune hence I felt the obligation to expose them especially the case of Aminata few years ago.

Who remembers the alleged abduction of Minah Manneh in 2015 for posting the video of a police officer assaulting a school girl on Facebook? Well, what actually led to her lies would blow your mind! Minah was issued a visa to travel to the UK but her father wouldn’t let her so she was devastated like any young person would feel. Time was running out and she needed to do something before her visa would expire. One fateful morning at Wesfield, Minah was met with the opportunity she needed to travel to the UK. There was a traffic police officer beating a school girl with a tiny stick and Ms. Manneh quickly took a video of the incident with her phone!

The smart Minah went ahead and booked her flight ticket, packed her bags and was all set to see England the following day. Aminata posted the video on Facebook and sent it to ASP David Kujabi via WhatsApp hours before her flight was set to depart. Was Kujabi part of the plot? I don’t know! The video was all over social media and Minah was nowhere to be found which led to rumours that the former Qcell billboard queen was abducted by agents of the Jammeh regime for posting the video on social media! Aminata contacted Jeffrey Smith, a human rights activist and founder of Vanguard Africa and told him she was in danger hours before she boarded her flight. After the rumour of her abduction was all over the media, the time Minah was on her way to the UK, Smith tweeted an assumption that the girl was arrested after she reported the police officer to the Child’s Protection Alliance. Within two days, Smith tweeted again that the girl was safe and in England. Minah would later be granted asylum to stay in England, a plan well executed!

Fatoumatta Sandeng dedicated songs to former President Yahya Jammeh and was rewarded with thousands of dalasis to assist her poor family. This girl had all the chance to tell the world how Jammeh attempted to rape her after how her father died in the hands state agents. With all the bitterness and the number of interviews she granted to the local and international media, why didn’t she seize that opportunity and not wait for Fatou Jallow to accuse Jammeh first? These girls have fooled the world, lol!

For Toufah, I don’t have to say anything thanks to APRC’s response.

By A concerned Gambian

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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