Dictator Jammeh is working on returning to The Gambia, sources close to Jammeh’s Equatorial Guinea home have intimated. His home return would be a surprise to many Gambians. He is returning home as a private citizen, so we heard.

Fabakary Tombong Jatta was right when he said plans are afoot for Jammeh’s return to the country. This information was supposed to be treated in secret, but Jatta decided to reveal during the APRC press conference, sources said.

Jammeh, said, sources said, has been in contact with some “people” in The Gambia, who are working on groundwork for his possible return. It is not clear if he would be arrested if he steps his foot in The Gambia, but Jammeh is determined to return home.

Jammeh is tired of living in exile, one source told us. ” He now cooks for himself. He is increasingly paranoid. He doesn’t trust his aides. His wife hardly stays in Equatorial Guinea,” said our source.

” Jammeh has been in touch with certain officials in Banjul. He wants to use his APRC base as a bargaining chip for his return. He still harbors political ambition,” our source added.

Jammeh has been accused of committing gross human rights violations during his twenty years rule. This include rape, torture, and murder of perceived political opponents including journalists.

Both the Government Spokesman Ebrima G Sankareh and Information Minister have denied the government engaging in any talks for Jammeh’s return.

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