The Future on The Street


The Future on The Street

It requires and takes appropriate collective reasoning for a nation to accomplish its desired progress. For this, all great nations that ever stood from Greece, Israel, and Great Britain to The United States of America, and most other nations in our contemporary time who did register great progress, have among them leaders in thoughts, leaders who among other things serve as a reference point. Those who lacked such, strove to harmonize the external motivations they fetched from these nations to suit the domestic realities for the accomplishment of their desires. So let us note gratis that it is not dire to learn from others, especially those who are garishly ahead of us. The progress of these nations was/is such that one generation prepares another.

It consequently becomes profusely obvious to these nations that their actions or inactions are what breed the results of the conditions with its potentials to affect prosperity either positively or negatively. For this reason, a moral obligation befalls every individual to set the solid stage for posterity, to sacrifice and build a State decent for human accommodation even though ones predecessors may not necessarily accord him or her such privilege.

Let me sketch out from the onset that The Gambia lacks a sense of direction among other things, because it suffers from deficient of leaders in thoughts, nor does it design a system that could accommodate the external ideas it sought to imitate from others. We continue with less choice to battle in trial and error, with ideas that the greater masses of our people are ignorant of, and again little effort is being directed towards remedying such. Yet the system is designed such that this ‘masses’ is “considered” fundamental players in it. Therefore, it is apparent that regardless of the little-worth commendable efforts by some, we remain to hideously, punch below our weight as a nation. To this end, should one suggest that we as per the evidences before us already fail posterity in the same reprehensible manner preceding generations failed us.

Nevertheless, there are many chains of responsibilities, where different persons in a nation can discharge in the quest to achieving the common good. However, one responsibility all persons owe is the responsibility to equip and afford posterity with its essential necessities in whatever way one could in order that its registers progress in the face of continuous human evolution. It requires that society as a collective, nurture and nourishes the indispensable actors in the futures.

Allow me to forthrightly request, that the Gambian stop imprudently talking about the future save if the Gambian is serious about taking control of the future because the future is before us, it is today and not any other time or an arrival to be announced.

We see the future…

On a daily basis, and at a time designated for them to be at school, we all watch children of all age, even as low as five (5) on the streets with our unprovoked minds and with an ever-I don’t care sight.

We watch them laboring in hours when kids supposed to be retiring on their pitiful beds. We settle rather uncomfortably in passenger vehicles and for the bad potholes filled roads, and constant bounces we encounter, and the irritations that it comes along with, amazingly, we watch these kids being harassed but by ourselves for being the wrong conductors (apprentice). We watch them smoke cigarettes and even marijuana, because that is what the streets offer them. We observe them escort their disable grannies, parents, and guidance to quiver plates on the streets even late hours in the night. We exploit their vulnerability to sexually, harass them.  For all signals, the bananas on the plates of that innocent female child under the intense strikes of the sun, does not cost hundred dalais, so you would offer her two hundred! You have her… a lust is satisfied.  We face them; and they did look straight into our eyes with an unambiguous message… “Just give me anything, I am hungry”, such a penetrating silence speaks volume but to no effect, we turn a deaf ear too! It is therefore safe for me to conclude: we have a society have grown to accept the unpleasantness of, in factually terms; a national disaster in THE CHILD ON THE STREET…

Certainly, if preparation has any meaningfulness and if the young, the children of today are the actors in the utopian prospect that we assured ourselves all these years, the child on the street should have been the child of the classroom today. It doesn’t appeal to the five sensory organs that a nation will progress and sustain that progress with one of its most essential components neglected on the streets with the descriptions of the circumstances above.

These children will mature to be what we made them to be, the children of the streets: Sex victims, drug aficionada, and vagabonds, miserable, potential criminals and all that we pretending not to desire for.

There is another pathetic side to this predicament of children on the streets and direction of our nation. They are the children of the poor. The poor! The authority that be, mandated with the task of protecting these children is, per its crude neglectful and inconsiderate characters happily an enabling force contrary to expectations. They don’t care; they draft and enact laws that they won’t enforce.

These children unfortunately, are abandoned without the relevant nurturing the society ought to have offered them toward the collective reasoning and that they may be able to contribute in the future toward the common good.  So even while we condemn certain individuals in the dusty end of our historical books, lets interrogate our role as a society because a little flash back on the life and times of these individuals will divulge the fact that they were certainly “children of the street”.

The future and the fullness of time, and the glory or agony that it comes forthwith is and will remain the making of our hands. Here is the child on the street, here is the future, The Gambia you want, and The Gambia you are constructing.

Toney F Mendy (The Seeker)

The University of The Gambia

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