The Gambia Court of Appeal has ruled against a former Gambian tourist cab driver, who had claimed ownership of a landed property he built together with a British couple, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Enssa Bajo, a native of Kiang, says he met his British friends Mrs. Mandy Fierheller, a retired Nurse and Mr. Dean Fierhller, a Banker, back in 2004, when he was working as cab driver at the Senegambia Beach hotel. Badjo was living in Nema-kunku at the time. He says due to the proximity between Senegambia and Nema-Kunku, he used to spend night in his car. That’s where he met the British couple and explained his plight to the visiting tourists. The couple empathized with him and bought him a piece of land in Kruballiya-junction. Kruballiya-junction is located between Brusibi and Brufut.

Bajo visited the United Kingdom in 2006 and 2007, following invitations he received from the British couple—the Fierhellers.  His British friends live in Essex, in the UK.

Bajo says he was supported by his British friends to build his house. He claimed that the Fierhellers had contributed over D400,000 dalasis to build that house. He added that he (Bajo) also had spent over D2 million dalasis to build his new home.

Badjo alleged that his relationship with Mrs. Fierheller became strained, following his refusal to agree on certain things she wanted him to do. Since we could not establish contacts with Mrs. Fierheller, to authenticate the veracity of Bajo’s claims, we will refrain from mentioning what he is alleging against the British national.

He claimed that the British couple later hired lawyer Lamin Ceesay to file a lawsuit against him. Ceesay is the husband of Aminatta Saho, a high court judge. They wanted the court to issue a declaration that they were the rightful owners of the disputed property.

The couple also gave power of attorney to one Pa Babou Loum, to represent them in the aforementioned matter, according to Mr. Bajo. Bajo alleges that he hardly sees Loum in court during the period of the litigation of the disputed landed property.

The plaintiffs had asked the court to declare that the property in question belongs to them. A judgment was delivered in 2016 ,during the political impasse in favor of the couple, Bajo claimed.

Enssa’s family were evicted from the property on August 1st, 2017.  An official of the Sheriff Division of the High Court came to the property accompanied by some uniformed police intervention officers (PIU).  He says his Dad and some family members were living at the property at the time.

Bajo said no formal eviction notice was served to his family. He also said his family were taken into custody at the Brusubi police station shortly after they were evicted.

When the lawsuit was first mentioned before the lower court back in 2012, Bajo says he hired the services of lawyer Yassin Senghore. He was billed by his lawyer to pay her D86,000 dalasis to represent him in court. He says he had paid D70,000 dalasis to Ms. Senghore, during the period of her representing him in court.

Down the road, Bajo says, he hired another lawyer Lamin K Mboge to take over the case from Ms. Senghore.  Bajo says while his lawyer Mboge was admitted in hospital, following an accident Mboge had, the lower court delivered a judgment against him in his attorney’s absence.

Bajo filed moved on to hire another set of lawyers to help file an appeal against the 2016 judgment. He hired the services of Lawyer Kebba Sanyang and Dawda Jallow to litigate the appeal he filed before the Court of Appeal in Banjul.

It was this past Monday that the three panel Appeal Court Judges: Awa Bah, Naa Ceesay and Edrissa Mbai, upheld the verdict of the lower court. Judgment was delivered in favor of the plaintiffs.

Bajo says his lawyers Kebba Sanyang and Dawda Jallow, were consciously absent in court at the time of the Appeal Court judgment. He says his Lawyer Sanyang, a former Justice Minister, under Jammeh’s rule,  told him that they had a car breakdown; hence he and Jallow couldn’t avail themselves in court.

Bajo is worried that he is at the risk of having his property taken away from him by the court. He is going to be live on Freedom Radio Gambia later tonight to talk about his story. Stay tuned.

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