Opinion-Ndey Tapha Sosseh- A fearless crusader for Press Freedom, Rights Activist and So Far the Most Credible Witness At The TRRC


Dear Pa,

Let me make a brief comment on the heroism of a lady who sacrificed a lot during the struggle and yet with all her remarkable achievements Gambians have never been aware about the exemplary heroism of a lady who endured a lot to save many from the brutal rule of a hardened dictator..

Comparing her extraordinary courage and valor with those of Jammeh’s shameless enablers now serving the government of Adama Barrow, Mrs. Sosseh deserved national honor for her heroic role in helping many to escape the torture, extrajudicial killings and unlawful arrests that were so common during the 22 years of Jammeh’s iron-fist rule.

Unlike those engaged in political grandstanding while exaggerating their roles during the standoff, she kept her remarkable achievements and sacrifices to herself. I know many are surprised to learn from her testimony for the first time her determination and resolve to expose the atrocities and gross human rights violations of the former regime and her endless travelling from one West African capital to other making statements and filing lawsuit on behalf of victims.

Unlike our boastful and maladroit politicians who are making promises to build bridges when there are no rivers, Mrs. Sosseh’s remarkable achievements during the struggle qualifies her as a formidable leader. There is no better person with exemplary heroism who wrote to defend the integrity of Deyda Hydara when Jammeh made disparaging remarks about the assassinated journalist than the determined Ndey Tapha.

If there was any MVP player award during the long struggle against Yaya Jammeh, Mrs. Sosseh deserved to be that winner.

Morro Gaye

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