Let the TRRC VERIFY with the NIA:


The guilt of an aggravated killing of a Gambian evidenced by truth, willful, successive and unrelenting admission of responsible journalism cannot be extinguished by a sanctimonious stunt of remorseless afterthought. The NIA’s Director of External Security one Mr. Singateh and Tijan Bah admitted and confirmed the truth of our story on the killing of a Gambian at the Karang by a Senegalese after a football match in 2003.


According to Mr. Singateh publication of the death of Ousman Nyabally could escalate war between the two countries. Leave me alone. Let justice be done under the wrath of law in a court of law! Mr. Blaise Jagne then Foreign Minister is alive using diplomacy.

My arrest with Pa Ousman Darboe on VP saidy’s alleged remarriage was never contested instead VP’s husband alleged fraud perdiem payment and unused imprest: Let the TRRC invite Captain Lamin Saine of the NIA, after due investigation of the matter, requisite consultations and adequate communication, Vice President Isatou Njie-Saidy queried only part the story that caused her and family embarrassment mentioning her late husband, Jai Saidy’s arrest and appearance before the Justice Algali Commission for not retiring unused imprest of 75,000 Dalasis. Makalo has no clue why the State did not proceed with the case.

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