You will Know the Truth:  Independent Gets Good Lawyers!!!


Fatoumatta tell the TRRC: We are responsible journalists:  We get good lawyers to represent us. The Independent can’t be delinquent, we always get good advice from good lawyers we retained, and they always represented us during interrogation in detention in the courts and write letters on our behalf.


Chief Justice Hassan Jallow then in private practice prepared our Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum then registered “the Independent” without fault
. The former Chairman of the Janneh Commission, Surahata Janneh acted on behalf of the Independent when the Commissioner of Income Tax, Mr. Samba Saye and Baba Trawally of the Sales Tax unit at the Customs and Exercise were directed by the then Attorney General and Justice Minister  Fatou Bom Bensouda, not to accept  any payment from the Independent Managing editor. The AG  ordered for the closure of the paper directing  these NIA operatives, namely,Mr. Foday Barry,Baba Saho, Ebrima Drammeh ,Salimina Drammeh, Bamba Manneh and one “Mandas” to sent away our support staff  and journalists with threats  of arrest  closed  Independent extra-judicial.

Mr. Surahata Janneh  with  legal threats of going to court in a letter copied to the Attorney General and Commissioner of Income questioned why a tax collector will refuse  to accept payment of income. Lawyer Janneh’s court action prompted  resumption of publication. Former lead counsel Amie Bensouda was retained to defend the paper at several NIA interrogations. She later become our Landlady at our Kanifing offices when government asked our landlord at Westfield Junction offices to evict us. And lastly, Lawyer Lamin Camara too was part of our legal team. These are some facts junior reporters and freelancers may not be privy to Fatoumatta.

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