I Had A Child While At The University


I Had A Child While At The University

By Saidina Alieu Jarjou

Once upon a time around 2003 when I was doing my Degree program at the University of Comfort. I met Sibo on Thursday at the campus after lectures. I was 20 years old then, and she was 22. She was good-looking and pretty. One fine day after lectures she took me out at the restaurant which is a kilometer away from Campus. Besides, I hadn’t been out with a girl in so many years, I capitalize on the opportunity.

After minutes at the restaurant, Sibo requested for us to be lovers while the night ended with us in bed. It became a daily occurrence. It felt so nice to have s*** with someone every day rather than once every month or two. This continued for about a long period.

One day during the break of the second semester Sibo said to me she doesn’t understand her body in which I advised her to see a Doctor.  Unfortunately, upon returning from the hospital she told me she was pregnant. I asked her to get an abortion because I feared my dad’s reaction. Besides, I didn’t want to raise a child I knew I couldn’t support due to my financial situation. She said no, and was hell-bent on raising the baby.

Eight months later the baby has been born whom I named Ousman. As a first-time parent waking up at 3 am every day, going for lectures too. Sometimes I would skip the lectures but be pissed off for the rest of the day because I hadn’t been able to attend any especially my favorite course Philosophy. I began to hate her more when she came sparkling to me one night that she had purposely allowed my son to be conceived.

Finally, when I met Bintou I broke up with Sibo. I told her our relationship wasn’t working out for me that I couldn’t look at her without feeling a boiling hatred for her. That was mostly a monumental lie. I continued to lie about it for all those years. She never knew that I cheated on her too.

I and Bintou moved in together sometime later after I finished my Degree and picked up a job at one of the leading Banks and could afford rent and child support, we got married and over the past 8 years of being married, we have had  2 boys and a little girl together. We moved away from the village, so I still visit my son with Sibo regularly.

Sibo was diagnosed with breast cancer recently and has a month to live. She never had another boyfriend or anything after me. She devoted the last years of her life to raising my son. I don’t agree with her purposely getting me to get her pregnant, but she is a godmother.

To be continued..

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