Re: Barrow Ranked 5th Best President In Africa


Re: Barrow Ranked 5th Best President In Africa

By Saidina Alieu Jarjou

Reference is invited from the Standards newspaper 16 July 2019 publication as per the above subject matter. The said publication has it that ‘’President Adama Barrow has been named by a credible Canadian research organization as the 5th best president in Africa. The research look for presidents who are commended and have demonstrated a commitment to the maintenance of the rule of law and visionary policies for their people’’

However, a press release issued by the Afro barometer on 11 July 2019 on African Anti-Corruption Day by Transparency International and Afro barometer, reveals that more than one in four people who accessed public services during the previous year had to pay a bribe. The report added that in The Gambia under the leadership of President Barrow corruption increased in the previous 12 months at 32% while Government doing a bad job of fighting corruption at 37%.

I believe it is impossible for a nation to implement its policies accordingly when corruption is the order of the day as revealed by Afro barometer. It is over two years now the Barrow led administration is yet to demonstrate any leadership or clear direction as per campaign promises for a better Gambia we want to see.  This is believed to be an oversight by President Barrow and his cabinet, due to a lack of familiarity and understanding of policy implementation.

The last time I checked the government of the Gambia has lost touch with the people of The Gambia and the ability to maintain order, command, and respect for the rule of law.  On June 18, 2018, 3 people have been confirmed dead and several others injured in a clash between residents of Faraba Banta and the members of The Gambia Police Force Intervention Unit (PIU). Who were expressing their constitutional rights as guaranteed by Section 25 (1 ) A, B, and D respectively of the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of The Gambia.

Meanwhile, the Gambia is in a state of coma which needs urgent diagnoses through institutional reforms. It is sad to read on papers that the Barrow led administration received aid from Donors but yet still The Gambia is poor as a rat in the Church.  One of the greatest problems that the Gambia is facing today is that of environmental pollution and degradation by the Chinese which is causing grave and severe damage to the natural environment and human society.

Furthermore, one might ask how did President Barrow make it to the list of top 5 in Africa and what was the research sample sized used and on what bases was he nominated? For Africa to be the last place of hope on earth policies needs to be rewritten and it needs to reflect on the realities on the ground across.

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