O.J Calls For Support To Barrow’s 5-Year Mandate


The former leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Omar Amadou Jallow, who is widely known as O.J. has called on Gambians to assist President Adama Barrow to continue his work and support his five years mandate as required by the constitution of The Gambia.

He added that Adama Barrow was constitutionally elected by the Gambian people through the Coalition which is no longer in existence.

Mr. Jallow made these revelations during in an exclusive interview with West Coast Radio on Tuesday, where the former minister of Agriculture noted that Barrow was elected by Gambian people.

“I am appealing to all Gambians to assist President Adama Barrow to complete his job because he’s been elected by the Gambian people and for the next election anybody who wants to contest can contest,” he said.

According to him, they as leaders should appeal to all Gambians that they need a peaceful transition to the end of Adama Barrow’s term of office, saying the constitution mandates him to go for five years.

“If the Coalition was intact, and then say, this is the person who would be asked to step in if Adama Barrow steps down after three years, that’s fine. But because we cannot have election after three years as stated in the constitution, who are we going to put there and which Coalition now is going sit and discuss that? This is why the best thing is to allow Adama Barrow to go for five years for me.”

The former Agriculture minister in Barrow’s government, said he was one of those championing the three years, but Ousainou Darboe came and threatened to sue anybody for saying three years. As a constitutional lawyer, Darboe said he would even sue the president for talking about the three years.

“I was the one who was championing the three years, but Ousainou Darboe came and said he will take us to court for saying three,” he iterated.

Mr. Jallow called on the political leaders to see the interest, peace, and the establishment of the Gambia on a sound footing and not personal interest.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara

Source: The Point Newspaper

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