Monday was a sad day for The Gambia and her people.  This was the day, when Army Lieutenant Malick Jatta, confessed to have participated in the murder of Journalist Deyda Hydara. Jatta says he and other soldiers assassinated the respected Gambian journalist, under the directives of the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. Jatta also says he “scored over fifty thousand dalasis (D50,000) for taking part in the murder of Hydara. He used the word scored during his testimony at the TRRC. He was not sure if he was using the right word, when he testified on the money he received from Jammeh through the late Tumbul Tamba after the killing of Hydara.

Jatta’s admission has brought closure in the case of Hydara. Hydara was killed in December of 2004, during his paper’s 13 years anniversary. It is not clear that Jammeh ordered for the killing of Hydara.

Jatta’s testimony was to some degree consistent with the details that were provided to Freedom Radio Gambia back in 2013 by Bai Lowe, a former member of dictator Jammeh’s assassin team–called the jungullars. Lowe was an army driver attached to the assassin team. He says he witnessed Hydara’s murder.

The revelations coming from the TRRC are disturbing and nerve wrecking. Gambians should brace up for more disturbing revelations.

As succinctly documented in Editor Pa Nderry M’Bai’s bestseller book entitled: The Gambia-The Untold Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s story,” Jatta has been named in so many murders perpetrated during Jammeh’s watch.

We are looking forward to hearing Jatta’s testimony on the massacre of the over fifty West African migrants, who were mistaken as rebels in the even of the July 22nd military takeover anniversary back in 2005; the murder of Jammeh’s own sister Marcie Jammeh, Jammeh’s brother Haruna Jammeh, the failed assassination on the life of Lawyer Ousman Sillah, among other unresolved murder cases in The Gambia.

We implore on Gambians to remain clam, patient and give chance to the TRRC process. We also want to encourage witnesses and perpetrators to be truthful while giving evidence at the TRRC.

Deyda Hydara is gone, but his fine legacy is here to stay. His family is rest assured that we will continue to hold Deyda’s shining torchlight which epitomizes the truth, justice, fairness, and democratic society. Hydara was a true hero, who gave his life for media freedom, country, and justice.

His killers never saw the day like today coming, when they dastardly took his innocent life. Efforts should be made to bring dictator Yahya Jammeh and his accomplishes to book. We call on the international community to aid Gambia’s efforts to avail justice to the killers of Deyda Hydara.

To our dear mum Madam Hydara, and the family, we say continue to remain strong. We share the pain of Deyda’s murder. We pray for his eternal rest in perfect peace in heaven. Amen.

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