Dictator Jammeh ordered for the murder of his brother Haruna Jammeh, and one Jahsaja Kujabi, TRRC witness Omar A Jallow, has revealed on Tuesday. Jallow recalled when he was asked to take part in an operation to pickup Haruna Jammeh from the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), where Haruna was being held. He says he was with Sanna Manjang, Alieu Jeng, and Solo Bojang during that operation.

While escorting Haruna to the execution ground, he says Haruna asked him where they were heading to. He told him that they were going to Kanilai, Jammeh’s home village. Haruna too hailed from Kanilai.


Jallow says Haruna was his friend. He used to eat at Haruna’s house in Kanilai. His in laws had family relations with the late Haruna Jammeh.

According to Jallow, he never knew that Haruna, was being escorted to be killed. He says he was merely told that he was needed to take part in an operation. It was later that he came to know that the operation was about killing Haruna.

Upon their arrival to the execution ground, Jallow says, he and Alieu Jeng were instructed by Sanna Manjang to place a rope on Haruna’s neck. Haruna was dragged from the car to the ground. Both Jallow and Jeng, then pulled the rope. Sanna Manjang stepped on Haruna’s neck, which led to his death.

It was on their way back to Kanilai that Jallow asked Solo Bojang as to why he was never informed ahead of time about the operation to kill Haruna Jammeh. Bojang told him that they received an order from Yahya Jammeh to kill Haruna and Jasaja Kujabi. Solo also told Jallow that both Haruna and Jasaja had allegedly taken the lives of Jammeh’s watchman and storekeeper.

Jallow wasn’t satisfied with Solo’s story. He confronted his commander the late Tumbul Tamba, who corroborated Solo’s story. Tamba told him that he had forgotten to brief him about the operation to kill Haruna.

Jallow told the TRRC that when the operation to kill Jasaja Kujabi was hatched, he deliberately switched off his cellular phone to avoid taking part in the operation. Sanna Manjang had placed call on his line, but he couldn’t reach him. When Sanna asked him why he was unreachable, Jallow came up with an excuse to fool Manjang.

He says Jasaja Kujabi was killed by Sanna Manjang and co. The bodies of Haruna and Jasaja were dumped in a well located in the southern province of Casamance, he said. He says Sanna Manjang personally told him that Haruna and Jasaja were dumped at the well in Casamance after they were killed.

Over 50 West African migrants killed

Jallow had also admitted to taking part in the execution of the over 50 West African migrants back in July 2005. He says 30 migrants were transported from Banjul to Kanilai, where they were later escorted across The Gambia/Senegalese border to be killed. Jallow says the migrants were killed and dumped in a well located on Senegalese soil.

Jallow also says he and Alieu Jeng, were tasked to escort the migrants into the well to be shot at by Sanna Manjang and Malick Jatta. He contradicted Jatta’s testimony that he only shot at one migrant. He says Jatta had killed at least five migrants during that operation.

According to Jallow, while he was escorting one of the migrants to the well, the migrant gave him the one hundred Euros that he has in his pocket. He says the migrant also asked him if he could allow him to perform his last prayers before being killed. It was there and then that Sanna Manjang open fire at the migrant—killing him on the spot, he said.

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