Let’s Not Allow Some Individuals To Push You Forward, Deputy CDS Tells Angry Protesters


The Deputy Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), Yankuba Drammeh, has today urged angry protesters not to allow some individuals to manipulate them, and use the situation as a ‘pretext to bring chaos in the country.’

Yankuba Drammeh’s move came in the wake of a stand-off between protesters and anti-riot forces around the vicinity of Serrekunda market, causing  the shutting down of the entire economic activity in the area.
Troubles erupted in various parts of the country’s biggest conurbation when the news broke out that mobile phone repair service provider, Ousman Darboe, allegedly died after reporting to Police.
Deputy CDS Drammeh warned protesters against possible manipulation, saying there are individuals who would want to hijack the situation and bring instability in the country.
“Trust me, it is not in our interest,” he reiterated while indicating that is what prompted him to engaging demonstrators to put an end to the stand-off.
“I want to thank all of you for listening, for accepting my proposal,” Drammeh voiced out as a wave of applause from the crowd went crescendo.
He further urged them towards protecting our country. He then quizzed:  “Why can’t we use reasoning? Why can’t we exercise patience?”
As the tension was dying down around Mosque Road, Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) second-in-command called on protesters to give peace a chance, adding that it is in our collective best interest.
“We all stand to gain by exercising reasoning,” he remarked.
Speaking to this medium, Modou Njie, Serrekunda market told this medium that it is time the Police learnt from their mistakes.
“Life is so precious that we cannot afford this sad turn of events to take place in the country,” he said.
Tapha Sowe, a colleague to Ousman Darboe, expressed shock about the death.
 He further stated that efforts have been made by the market committee to shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the death of Ousman Darboe.
Written by Abdoulie John
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